Thursday and Friday at 18.00-20.30,

athlets will receive the numbers from the New Balance store. Saturday morning at 10.00-13.30 and 17.00-20.30, numbers will be received from Aktaion cafe by demonstrating the Identity Card.

Saturday afternoon at 14.00-15.30 in the foyer of the Municipal Theater, the phycologist Harris Tisarchontou will talk about "stress management and phycology before and during the race". At the above seminar will be also international athlets and a discussion will take place on the race issues.

Sunday at 00.00, starting of the NIGHT-DAY TRAIL 80 km.

Sunday at 08.00 starting of RAIN TRAIL 40km.

Sunday at 10.00 starting of OLIVE TREE TRAIL 17km

. Sunday at 10.30 starting of QUICK TRAIL 8 km.

Sunday 09.45-12.10 first finishers.

Sunday 12.30 starting of the awards.

Sunday 13.00, buffet opening.Food will be given to all athlets by showing their race number.

Sunday at 14.00 finish of OLIVE TREE TRAIL.

Sunday at 18.00 finish of the NIGHT-DAY TRAIL and the RAIN TRAIL and closing the event of Corfu Mountain Trail 2016.4/2/2016

At the 22th km athlets should have to follow the signs and not the path that is posted on the website of corfumountaintrail and specifically to the monastery of Pantocrator. That change was made for security reasons.

Press release
The organizational committee of Corfu mountain trail is happy to announce that there has been a record of 600 subscription from 14 countries and at least 150 athletes from all over the world. 
The enrollments will be finished at Friday the 22 of January, you could be enrolled only for the race of the 8 kilometers until the end of January. 
We would like to inform you that we will transport the 26th klm station at the 29th klm to a covered area. 
Regarding the 80 klm race, you have to finish the 40 klm race maximum at 8 hours.
Notice 13/11/2015

The organization of corfu mountain trail after the request of many athletes for economical transport charges is going to lease buses from Thessaloniki and from Athens departing on Saturday morning and returning on Sunday after the race. Precontition is the supplementation  the capacity of the bus so it could cover the cost. The price is 75 € plus the cost of the ferryboat. Deposition of the money should be done until the 20th of December at ALPHA BANK account with the etiology "transportation". It will be announced to you in the coming days featured hotels and guesthouses for overnight. Thank you. 



Sunday 7th of February 2016

Notice of the 5th mountain race

The race will start and finish at the traditional square of Benitses village in Corfu. The race will take place in and around the villages of Benitses (start and finish points), Gastouri, Ag. Deka, Ano Garouna….

The competition part of the race will include 4 different trails. 8kms, 17kms ‘the olive tree trail’, 40kms ‘the rain trail’ and 40kms ‘the night-day trail’. The latter will have a start time on Satruday, 24hr completion limit with 18hrs compulsory minimum.

Requirements for participation in ‘the night-day’ trail:

1)      The participant must have completed at least one 37km mountain running race ni the last two years.

2)      The participant must undergo a compulsory equipment check prior to the start of the race and during it.

3)      The participant must rest every 10kms

The organizing committee has applied for trail certification with INTRA so the participants can be awarded 2 UTMB points.

Completion time limits:

8kms trail 2 hours

17kms trail 4hrs

40kms trail 9hrs

40kms 18hrs.

Only participants finishing within these time limits will be valid.

Altitude differences:


Registration requirements:

All participants must at least 18 years of age or above. The participant must have completed their 18th year of age on the day of the race.

Participants under the age of 18 must produce a signed and notarized consent form for parent or legal guardian.

I any case registration is completed once the race fees have been deposited. Account details will be posted here by the 31/12/2015.

Participation fees:

8km - 10€

17km – 20€

40km - 30€

80km - 50€

The fees include:

  • 8km - 10€
  1. Insurance coverage
  2. Check point supply
  3. Timming fascilities.
  4. Race t-shirt
  5. Comemorative medal
  6. Cool down fascilities
  7. Comemorative diploma


  • 17 km OLIVE TREE TRAIL  20€
  1. Insurance coverage
  2. Check point supply
  3. Timming fascilities.
  4. Race t-shirt
  5. Comemorative medal
  6. Cool down fascilities
  7. Comemorative diploma
  8. Finish line buffet


  • 40 km. RAIN TRAIL 30


  1. Insurance coverage
  2. Check point supply
  3. Timming fascilities.
  4. Race t-shirt
  5. Comemorative medal
  6. Cool down fascilities
  7. Comemorative diploma
  8. Finish line buffet
  9. Transportation to and from the start/finish point.


  • 80 χλμ NIGHT-DAY TRAIL 50€
  1. Insurance coverage
  2. Check point supply every 10km
  3. Timming fascilities.
  4. Race t-shirt
  5. ‘Finisher’ vest
  6. Commemorative medal
  7. Cool down facilities
  8. Commemorative diploma
  9. Finish line buffet
  10. Transportation to and from the start/finish point.


Registration dates are open strictly between 15/102015 and 31/12/2015.

Athletes requiring accommodation will be informed on the status of their accommodation via our web page,

The organizing committee will like to inform you that there will buses to and from Athens and Salonica. The registration pack in this case will include tha race fees, the bus to and from and a double room for one night. The provisional price is 100€, subject to confirmation in the next few days.

Max race capacity:

The maximum amount of athletes that the race can accommodate is set to 600 in total for all four trails/races.

CATEGORIES: ‘Olive tree’, Men’s (18-40) born between 6/2/1976 and 6/2/1998, Men’s Veteran (41-55) born between 1961-1975 and 55+ (1961+), Women’s (18-40) born between 6/2/1976 and 6/2/1998, Women’s Veteran (41+) born until 1975. ‘Rain trail’, 40km and 80km trails, Men’s (18-40) born between 6/2/1976 and 6/2/1998, Veterans  41 yrs of age and over (1974+). Women’s, one category.


The winner in each category within each of the four trails, will receive a cup and a medal, the second and third will receive a medal and the rest of athletes that complete the race in valid times will receive a commemoratitve diploma of their participation.


All athletes are required to have and carry a personal water bottle that can be replenished at the check points and springs along the trails. There will be no plastic cups provided. Also they are required to have and carry a waterproof top in case of rain and a mobile phone.


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