1. DISCLAIMER: By registering each athlete is asked to decide whether they wish to participate in the beginners or advanced route. They are asked to obey the rules of the race and obey the instructions of the committee and the judges of the race. It is understood that the route will move within a mountainous environment, with rugged terrain and that the race will be exposed to the weather conditions prevailing in the area that day.
  2. PARTICIPATION: Men and women of the age of 18 and over are allowed to participate in the race. Participants under the age of 18 must produce a signed and notarized consent form for parent or legal guardian.


  1. CATEGORIES: ‘Olive tree’, Men’s (18-40) born between 6/2/1976 and 6/2/1998, Men’s Veteran (41-55) born between 1961-1975 and 55+ (1961+), Women’s (18-40) born between 6/2/1976 and 6/2/1998, Women’s Veteran (41+) born until 1975. ‘Rain trail’, 40km and 80km trails, Men’s (18-40) born between 6/2/1976 and 6/2/1998, Veterans  41 yrs of age and over (1974+). Women’s, one category.


  1. DATES: The race will take place on Sunday the 7th of Februrary 2016. The start for the 8km trail will be at 11.00 AM, for the 17km trail at 10.00AM, for the 40km trail at 8.00AM and for the 80km trail at 24.00. The start and finish points for all trails is the same, Benitses village main square which is located on the foothills of Stavros Mountain and is at sea level. Completion time limits, the 8kms and 17kms trails must be completed in no more thna 4 hours, the 40kms trail in no more than 9 hours and the 80kms trail in no more than 18 hours after the start of each race.
  2. FEES: The cost for all categories except the last (80kms is set at…… euros and for the longest trail at 50euros.  Entries are to be made via official website Participation is considered valid once the payment has been received by the bank and has been approved by the organizing committee. In the case of cancelation, refunds of 50% of the fee are available up to 10 days before the day of the race 100% of the fee a month in advance of the race date. If the race is cancelled for any reason, the participation fee will be returned in full within 30 days. In the case of the race being postponed, refunds are not available. After successfully completing registration, change of route or category can only be achieved by directly contacting the organizers, no later than 20 days before the date of the race.
  3. MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: The race committee is able to accommodate up to 600 runners in total. For the 80km trail a minimum of 50 participants is required. Priority is given according to the date of application. In the eventuality that the minimum has not be reached by 31/12/2015 then the trail will be cancelled. Applications are accepted until the 29/01/2012. No applications are accepted past that date.


  1. ROUTE: The route consists of paths, streams and is signposted throughout its length. Look out for painted marks on rocks and other visible indications of the correct route. The length of the two longest trails are 80 and 40 kms with peak elevations of 4600+ and 2300+ meters respectively. The shortest two trails are 8 and 17 kms with 1000 meters peak elevation. The 80kms trail route will be identical to the 40 km trail performed twice once at day and once at night conditions.  
  2. TIME LIMITS: There are time limits to be met for each trail, if an athlete runs over them then the athlete will be excluded from the race and under the instruction of a member of the organizing committee must follow the shortest route possible to the finish point.  If one wishes to continue one must have a good knowledge of the mountain paths and is doing so under one’s own responsibility keeping in mind that most of the sign posts and trail markers will be taken down as soon as the race has finished. Athletes who wish to abandon the race must inform one of the members of the committee at the first available resting point.
  3. NUMBERING: Each athlete is required to wear their number of participation visibly pinned to the front of their t-shirt. The number may not be folded or altered in any way.
  4. OVERTAKING ATHLETES: Any athlete who is approached by a faster athlete is requested to move aside in order to allow a safe and quick overtaking.
  5. ESCORTS: It is not allowed for friends, family or pets to accompany the athlete during the race. If any athlete wishes to be accompanied by their pet for the race, it must be on a leash, and follow behind the last runner and prior to this must have asked for permission from the organising committee.
  6. HELP: Any outside help is strictly forbidden. The use of poles, maps, compasses, GPS and mobile phones are allowed.
  7. WASTE: The disposal of any rubbish is forbidden during the course of the race. This is to be done at any of the resting points.
  8. RESTING POINTS: During the course of the 40kms trail there are four resting points where fresh water can be provided and a further two stops for food both being at the monastery of saint Pantokrator which will be visited at the 12th and the 28th km of the route. The other resting point is in the village of Stavros, which will be visited at the 20th km. During the shorter trails there are three stops for water supply and one more for food. Within the longest trail there will resting points every 10kms.
  9. CHECK POINTS: There are a total of 16 check points during the longest trail route and 6 during the shorter one. Each athlete will be registered by a judge on passing the check point. Any athlete who fails to do so is disqualified. If an athlete follows a different route than the one designated by the committee, he is disqualified from the race.
  10. MANDATORY EQUIPMENT: The committee does not require each athlete to carry certain equipment. However is it advisable for both routes and especially the beginners route that each athlete carries the following: a small backpack containing water, windproof jacket, solid food, elastic bandage, whistle, mobile phone, flashlight, some money and a map of the mountain. The athletes competing in the longest routes are required to have the afore mentioned equipment and will undergo and equipment check prior to the race start and during it. (will be announced in a few days).
  11. PENALTIES: All the following entail the penalty of disqualification from the race:  Failure to appear at the designated time or altering the participation number. Acceptance of foreign aid. Using auxiliary motor means. Scattering litter. Changing between advanced and beginners route while the race is taking place. Non-compliance with the instructions provided by the judges. Rude/inappropriate behaviour towards judges, committee or any member of the race. Not showing up at the check points. Use of any prohibited drugs or substances. Refusal of drug testing. Denial of examination by a doctor provided by the organisation if deemed necessary during the race. Abandoning the race and failing to inform the judges entails exclusion from any future competition.
  12. APPEALS: Any appeals are to be made to the committee by the athlete in person within 30 minutes after the end of the race. Any decision made by the committee is final.
  13. COMMITTEE: The race committee, responsible for any problems or complaints which may arise, includes the committee chairman, route planner, head of security and head judge.
  14. SAFETY: The race organisation oversees the trails as much as possible in order to avoid any unexpected incidents and provides medical assistance to those who may require it.
  15. MODIFICATION OF COURSE: The organisation may modify the route if for any reason is proved to be a risk for the safety of the athletes. It can also delay the start, cancel or postpone the race due to weather conditions.
  16. PRIZES: Those achieving first place for each race will receive a cup and medal. Second and third place will receive medals. Recognition of participation and a medal will be given to all athletes that complete the race within the designated time frames.
  17. ADVERTISING: By signing up each athlete is allowing the committee to take photographs and videos which will be used for advertising purposes.
  18. DISCLAIMER: The organising committee is not responsible for the death, injury or any harm caused to the participants who have agreed to the terms and conditions of the race, such as the understanding that the race involves moving within a mountainous environment, making sure they are fit and healthy to compete. Each athlete is required to undergo regular medical screening. The organiser reserves the right to disallow an athlete to compete if the doctor deems him/her unfit. EAch athelete is responcible for their own personal insurance.
  19. AMENDMENTS TO THE REGULATIONS: The organising committee reserves the right to amend these regulations if necessary without prior notice.

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