Announcement 4rd Race Mountain Trail Running



Sunday, the 1nd of February 2015


The 4rd trail running race is announced with the title “CORFU MOUNTAIN TRAIL”, which will be held on Sunday, the 1nd of February 2014 on Corfu with starting line the square of the traditional seaside village Benitses (start-finish) at 8:00 am. The race is organized by “CORFU MOUNTAIN TRAIL”.


The race will take place in the geographical area designated by the villages: Benitses (start & finish), Gastouri, Ag. Deka, Ano Garouna, Stavros.


The event consists of two tracks, the olive tree trail 17km, and the rain trail 37 km, and is carried on trails and earth-roads through an area of outstanding natural beauty and overgrown of olive groves, highlighting in this way the natural environment of exceptional beauty in this part of our island.


The time limit for completion of the 17 km-race is set to 4 hours and to 8 hours for the 37km-race.


Athletes are considered valid, who finish within the time limits.


The elevation altitude of the large track (Rain Trail-37km) is 2020 meters and of the small track (Olive Tree Trail-17km) 1000 meters.


ENTRY RIGHTS: Men and women over the age of 18 have the right to participate in the race. The age of 18 must be fulfilled at the date of the race. Athletes under the age of 18 are allowed to participate only with an affirmation signed by the parent or guardian.


The sport event consists of three parts:


  1. MOUNTAIN TRAIL RUNNING RACE with two optional routes: OLIVE TREE TRAIL (17km) & RAIN TRAIL (37km)


  1. HIKING ROUTE with a length of 5 km


REGISTRATION: Visit the webpage of the organization to register either for the 37km-race or for the 17km-race.

The registration is completed by depositing the entry fee to the bank account posted on the webpage or by visa.

The participants for the Hiking Track can also be registered on the day of the race before 8:30 am.


The opening of the registration and the entry fee payment is set on the 1st of November 2014 and the deadline on the 15th of January 2015.

ENTRY FEE: The cost to participate in the 37km-race is 30 euro and 20 € in the 17km-race. The entry fee includes: race-running shirt, memorial medal, electronic timing, safety, catering during the race, coaching seminar the previous day, rehabilitation massage, a meal after the race with traditional Corfiot cuisine and lottery for gifts of sponsors. In case of somebody’s wish to receive photos of the race, there is an optional fee of 5 €. The entry fee for the Hiking Track is 5 € and includes supply with water, snacks and a memorial medal. Children accompanied by their parents or other attendants are excluded from these costs. The entry fee is to be deposited in the bank account specified in the webpage of the organization or via credit card.


Information about the accommodation can be obtained from the webpage: The organizing committee has assured for the athletes and their escorts accommodation in Benitses for 20€/person (two overnights, Friday and Saturday) and for 15€/person only Saturday night without breakfast and 50% discount on ferry tickets.


MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: The maximum number that the organization can host is 400 people for both running tracks. Order of priority is strictly held. If the number will not be completed the list of participants will close at 15th of January 2015. Registering after the deadline will not be accepted.




PRIZES: The first place of each categories and each track will get a cup and a medal. Second and third place will receive a medal. All athletes who finish within the time limit receive a memorial medal and a participation diploma.


EQUIPMENT: It is recommended to all athletes to have a flask to supply with water from the provision points and therefore have hydration autonomy, a rain coat in case of rain, and a cell phone.

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